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Who We Are?

BeraNia Office is an architecture design and construction office with BIM method founded in 2012 by Niazy and Niazy brothers.

BeraNia Office is comprised of a group of architects and designers who work within the fields of art, architecture, and urbanism. Our work reflects continuous research of contemporary architectural and sociological issues with the aim of creating new and compelling architectural typologies.

We believe that solving any design challenge is best achieved by an open and inclusive design process. Our design philosophy is rooted in two approach :

Focus on the pre-production process

We believe that pre-production process is more important than the final product. Architecture is moving away from the twentieth century methods, and old design progress are no longer responsive to today problems. Design mothodologies are constantly changing, and new horizons are opening up to us every day.

Our office always try to experience new methods of design with approach to focusing on the pre-production process and always beside the theoretical concepts and challenges of implementation, it has been concerned to using the most updated methodologies of design process. "How" and "why" (the process) form our main concerns and "what" (the product), although necessary but is in our next priority.

Redefining the problems

Design ideas do not follow the routine trends of the market, but they are based on requirements of problem and design ambition not in the limitless use of luxury and expensive materials but also in redefining and challenge assumptions to achieve different and new ideas and answers.

Specific and uniqe projects that do not follow the market's routine trends, although is a little costly from the average, but will have a giant difference in the valuation and sale's marketing. These projects are bought and sold at multiple prices than their neighboring ones, even in the downturn of housing market, and will always have their own customers.

This collection is a review of our projects over the last few years. We tried to focus on different scales with diverse topics, and evaluate our thinking-line on different typologies of projects. The achievement of endless effort as a young office has been the completion of several projects and achievement four awards in architectural competitions :

1. "Selected design" in competition of The Qebleh Square of Mashhad / AWARDED FOR 9TH PLACE / In Partnership With Naghsh-Tarh Lotus Consulting Engineers / 2014
2. Semi-final received in competition of Al-Ghadir II Residential Complex / 2014
3."Selected design" in competition of The Main Entrance of Meybod University/ AWARDED FOR 3rd PLACE / 2014
4. Semi-final received in competition of Bonyad-e Aseman Cultural Center/ In Partnership with Schema Studio/ 2013

Our Process

Submit your Project

1 Enter your project information through this link and submit to us. We will study about it and contact you soon. Collaboration between us will start and the story will go on.

Site Visit

2 The first meeting is at your project location. We talk about your location opportunities and constraints. Ideas are shared. Together we reach to a unity POV about the project.


3 The world-class design will be provided to you based on your wishes. A group of young and talented architects will consider all the possibilities for your project and presented in the best.


4 The construction process will be done by the BIM methodology involves the coordination of different technologies for project management through a single 3D digital model that shortens the times and reduces costs.

Publications and Awards