Turned View Villa

The project site was located on the slopes of the Lavasan Mountains. The employer demanded a project that in addition to preserving privacy, would be able to establish a proper visual connection with its neighboring scenery.

We decided to create a courtyard in the heart of the building and form spaces in U shape around the courtyard to both demands.The courtyard , in addition to providing a cozy atmosphere inside, it has also made it possible to see the surrounding scenery.

Furthermore, public spaces (living room) and private (bedrooms) are separated from another by the middle arm (kitchen and breakfast) and they have separate access.

The living room turned 45-degree along the western scenery and make a nice view for the audience. Also on the top floor, the bedrooms have been turned into eastern landscapes and framed mountains, with the difference that this is happening in the corner of the room, so that the privacy of private space does not go away and at the same time stay connected with the surrounding area.