Al-Ghadir II Residential Complex

In pre-design studies, we observed that in contemporary residential complexes, the elevation is just the "exterior fasade" of the building. While in the traditional architecture it was a "layer of space" that served the interior and also as an intermediary space in relation with exterior. This layer of space is a suitable climatic strategy to prevent the influence of heat of the sun in the summer as well as the absorption of energy in the winter.

We try to achieve a recognizable form that at the same time was complex and various it was logical and understandable. For this, three main qualities were added to the building for this spatial layer.

- Closed space
- Semi-open space
- Open space

In order to reach the desired qualities, we try to achieve an optimized climate version. For this, the main fasades of the original model were extracted and subdivision. Then we wrote an algorithm definition that determined "how much of the modular spaces would be open and how should be close" to be optimized.

In this method we use Rhinoceros software and Grasshopper plug-in for "Parametric Design" and Ladybug-Honybee plug-in for "Energy and whether data analysis" and Octopus for "Simulation and ptimization".

For more information see the process of energy analysis in bellow movie.

Process of Energy Analysis