14Masoum Residential Complex

The client's requarements was to design residential suites in two floors and a prayer hall for religious ceremonies. As a major strategy, we considered a semi-open space (courtyard) for prayer hall in level -1. This courtyard provides many facilities for us, including:
1- separation of prayer hall from residential zone
2- Recieving more daylight to depth of inside of payer hall
3- A good air conditioning that is essential for this space
4. Provide additional spaces Such as kitchen, services, laundry, and ... around this space.
5- The possibility of better management of the population when entering and leaving.
6. Using the yard as a space for distribution of food and providing services to people when leaving.
7. The posiblity to add the yard space to prayer hall when the population is high.

The second issue was the low density of the project, which gave us a horizental elevation. Since the building was designed with two different functions (residential and religious) on both sides, we decided to divide the elevation in two parts. Right side for religious function with vertical lines and left side for residential function with horizontal lines.